Alumni email address

If you have studied or worked at the University of Helsinki, you are considered a university alumnus and you have the right to a life-long university e-mail address for alumni. The address will be in the form

Please see further information on alumni benefits.

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    Forwarding address

    The address is a forwarding address; in other words, it does not include an e-mail inbox and messages sent to the address are always forwarded to another e-mail address. In order to use your alumni e-mail address, you must have another e-mail address. The address does not include access permits at the University of Helsinki.

    You can start using your alumni e-mail address after signing up in the free-of-charge alumni online service at the Alumni campus or joining the alumni association at

    We recommend obtaining the address before graduating or ending your employment so that you have time to let your contacts know of your new address.

    For more information, click here.

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