Directing e-mail away from Microsoft 365

After starting to use the Microsoft 365 e-mail service, all e-mails to will be directed to the Microsoft 365 server. If you want to read your e-mails on another system, you can direct your e-mails elsewhere according to these instructions.

For more information on redirecting e-mail, see the Students digital skills.

Note! Forwarding or redirecting official mail, i.e. e-mails related to work duties, to an address outside the university is always prohibited based on the university’s e-mail processing rules.

Read more about data security in Flamma


    Microsoft updates Microsoft 365 services sporadically, thus functional and layout changes can occur. Therefore there can be discrepancies between these instructions and your updated version. Please use the feedback link at the bottom of this page in case you notice any significant discrepancies.

    • Open Email > Forwarding (1).
    • Tick the box Enable forwarding (2).
    • In the field (3), type the address where you wish your e-mail to be forwarded.
    • If you wish to keep copies of the messages in OWA, tick the box Keep a copy of forwarded messages (4).
    • Click on Save (5).

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