Directing e-mail away from Microsoft 365

After starting to use the Microsoft 365 e-mail service, all e-mails to will be directed to the Microsoft 365 server. If you want to read your e-mails on another system, you can direct your e-mails elsewhere according to these instructions.

For more information on redirecting e-mail, see the Students digital skills.

Note! Forwarding or redirecting official mail, i.e. e-mails related to work duties, to an address outside the university is always prohibited based on the university’s e-mail processing rules.

Read more about data security in Flamma


    • Open Email > Forwarding (1).
    • Tick the box Enable forwarding (2).
    • In the field (3), type the address where you wish your e-mail to be forwarded.
    • If you wish to keep copies of the messages in OWA, tick the box Keep a copy of forwarded messages (4).
    • Click on Save (5).

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