Connecting to a group disk space with your home computer

If you have access permissions to a University of Helsinki network drive, you can access the drive on your home computer. Please note that if your access permissions are “Read only”, you will not be able to edit the files. 

    Connecting to a group disk space

    If your home computer runs Windows 11

    Open File Explorer using the shortcut key combination Windows + E. Select the Home tab in the directory structure on the left side of the window. Select  Map network drive. 

    If your home computer runs Windows 10

    Select This PC

    Select Map Network Drive.

    After you open the Map network drive window, continue as follows in both Windows 11 and Windows 10:

    In the new window:

    • Choose any available letter for Drive (1
    • Under Folder, enter the following address in the text field (2):
      (NB! To insert a backslash ( \ ), press ALT GR and the “+” sign)
    • Remember to tick the box Connect using different credentials (3)
      Do not tick the Reconnect at sign-in option on your home computer, as the connection will only work if the VPN connection is active. This will prevent unnecessary error messages.
    • Click Finish (4).

    A login window will open. Enter your credentials in the format atkk\username (e.g. atkk\rkeskiva). 
    (NB! To insert a backslash ( \ ), press ALT GR and the “+” sign)

    If all the stages were completed correctly, the group disk space will now open. The folder is also visible in the This PC view. All the folders you can access are displayed as subfolders.

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