iPad and iPhone: Information security

Protecting your mobile device with a passcode is important in order to protect the information saved in the device.

    In mobile phones, the SIM card is usually protected with a PIN code, which prevents unauthorised phone calls. PIN codes should also be used in iOS devices, and it is recommended that you change the default code.

    • Tap Settings > Phone and check that the PIN code for the SIM card is active.
    • Tap Change PIN and enter the current PIN code and then the new PIN code.

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    Enabling the device passcode

    Keeping the device passcode activated in iPad or iPhone is very important. When the device passcode is used, the information in the device is protected with strong device encryption and no one is able to use the device without entering the passcode.

    • Tap Settings > General > Passcode.
    • Tap Turn Passcode On and create a passcode which is difficult to guess.
    • To improve information security, you can switch off the Simple Passcode setting. This allows you to also use letters and special characters in the passcode.
    • Activate Erase Data, meaning that the device information is erased if an incorrect passcode is entered too many times.

    iCloud: Find iPhone and Activation Lock

    The newest iOS versions (7.0>) allow you to prevent the erasing and reactivation of a device by using the Find my iPhone feature of the iCloud service. In spite of its name, Find my iPhone also works in iPad and iPod touch.

    • Tap Settings -> iCloud and sign in using your Apple account or create an Apple account. (The Apple account is used for downloading applications from App Store, for example).
    • Activate Find my iPhone.

    You can then test the service by logging in at iCloud.com with your Apple account.



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