Eduroam on Android devices

The images in these instructions are taken from Android version 9.1.0 running on a Huawei P20. The details of the installation might be different on different devices but the principle is the same.

Quick instructions

  • First install the app eduroam CAT from the Play Store.
  • Then, download the installation package from  Follow the instructions on the website. 

See more detailed instructions with pictures from the tab Detailed instructions. 


  • First install the app eduroam CAT from the Play Store.
  •  After the installation, go to with the phone   
  • Once you get to the site click Click here to download...


  •  Select your own organisation from the list, in this case University of Helsinki  (Helsingin yliopisto)
    • If you have location services turned off, you will have to search with a keyword (e.g. Helsingin)
  • The site will try to recognise your device and offer the correct installation package (1).  
    • If the automatic recognition fails, you can change the installation package by clicking Choose another installer to download (2).


  • The download will start and depending on your phone the installation will either start automatically or you will have to manually open the downloaded config file.
  • Next, the config file is installed on the phone. Select Asenna (Install). 
  • The installer will then ask you to confirm that you want to install the profile. Select Kyllä (Yes).



  • Next, you must log in with your eduroam username, which is your university username followed by the suffix (e.g. but you can also use your Office 365 username (e.g. Enter the username and password and click Asenna (Install).

•    Next, you will receive confirmation Profile installed. 

  • Now, the connection will be established automatically when you are in an eduroam area and you have WLAN switched on.

Eduroam troubleshooting instructions

Tip from a customer: If you cannot get eduroam installed, select networks > forget settingsre-install profile

If you cannot get eduroam to work, please read the general eduroam troubleshooting instructions.


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