Office 365 in Android devices

You can also use Office 365 mail on Android devices.
We primarily recommend using Outlook for Android application in Android devices. You can find the installation instructions here.

When you take the university’s Office 365 service into use with a mobile device, you simultaneously grant administration the right to remotely manage the device in question. If necessary, administration can delete all the data in the device. This concerns devices owned by the University of Helsinki and also privately purchased devices.

Administration will only activate the remote wipe when there is a reasonable cause to suspect that the device has fallen into the wrongs hands (e.g. it has been stolen) and it is possible that important data will also fall into the wrong hands. In this case, the identity of the person requesting for the remote wipe is checked. Measures taken by administrators to the phone are gathered as log information.

See more information about remote wiping of a mobile devices

If the device is fully your own and you do not wish to accept the protection settings, you can read your mail on the mobile device browser at:

These instructions describe the implementation of Office 365 mail and calendar. The instructions have been prepared for a Nexus 7 device with the Android 5.1 operating system. The instructions can be applied for other devices and Android versions as well.

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Before installation, make sure that the device has a network connection (Wi-Fi or 3G).

  • Click the Menu icon in the right side.

  • Click the Settings icon (cog icon).

NOTE! Alternative method:

  • In the alternative method, you can open the correct menu to access settings by either
      a) wiping with a finger twice from top down or
      b) wiping with two fingers at the same time from top down.

  • Locate and choose Accounts.

  • Click + Add account.

  • This opens a new window. Choose Exchange.

  • In (1), enter your username as
    • We have noticed that this does not work in some Android devices. In such cases, first enter your e-mail address, (such as
  • Click Manual setup (2).

  • Click Exchange.

  • Enter your password in the following window and click Next.

  • If you entered your e-mail address earlier, you now have to replace the username with your own Office 365 username in the format (such as
  • Under Server, write the server address Check that the Security type is SSL/TSL and the port is 443.
  • Click Next.

  • You will then be asked to accept the settings which allow the remote administration of the account if necessary. Click OK.

  • You are then asked for additional settings concerning e-mail updates and notification settings, for example.
  • Click Next when you are happy with the settings.

  • You are then asked to activate the remote administration permissions for the phone in the Office 365 server. Click Activate.

  • You are then asked for the name of the account. You can choose the name freely, but name it in such a way that you can distinguish it from any other accounts which you may add to the device. An e-mail address, for example, is a good name. Click Next.

  • You can now close the window. The installation is complete.
  • To enter e-mail, choose Email in the Menu (or Gmail in Nexus). To enter the calendar, use the Calendar application.

Nexus 7 uses a unique solution as it adds all e-mail accounts to Gmail. When you first start the application, you will get a notification telling you that e-mail has been moved to the Gmail application. Choose Take me to the Gmail App. You can also check Always do this so that you are not asked the same question again later.


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