Scanning to e-mail

Please note e-mail processing instructions while scanning to e-mail!

Using the multi-function printers, it is possible to scan documents directly to e-mail. By default, scanned documents are sent as an attachment to your own e-mail, but you can change the recipient to another. However, it is recommended that you send the files first to your own e-mail where you can check and, if necessary, edit the message before sending it to others.


Detailed help
  • Log in to the equipment using your ID card.
  • Select Scan and Send from the main menu.

Skannaaminen sähköpostiin Canonin monitoimilaitteelta

  • Select Send to Myself

Skannaaminen omaan postiin

  • The mail will be sent to your own e-mail address. The equipment is ready to start scanning.

Skannaaminen sähköpostiin - osoite on valmis

  • Place the papers to be scanned in the feeder and press the green Copy button. Copying starts.

Valmis lähettämään postia

  • After a short while there will be a message in your e-mail to which a pdf file containing the scanned pages is attached.