Eduroam in the Windows 10 computers

The University of Helsinki has several wireless networks:

The eduroam network settings and all required certificates have been installed on the Windows 10 computers at the university. To use eduroam on these computers, you only need to switch on wireless network (usually through a switch, sometimes through a software, depending on the model of the computer). If the computer is located within reach of the eduroam service area, it will automatically try to connect to the network.
Installation instructions for home computers.

You cannot connect to the eduroam network after changing the university password. See Detailed instructions for repair instructions. 

    Connecting to the eduroam network

    If wireless networks are available, a notification will appear in the Windows notification area. The network connection notification will show up when you place your mouse pointer on the network icon in the notification area.

    • By clicking the network icon, you can view the list of available networks. Select Eduroam from the list and click Connect.

    Log in to the eduroam network with your university user account and password. Enter your username in the topmost field of the login window in the format (e.g. OR (e.g. and your password in the lower field. Then click OK.


    Once you are connected to the network, the network connection list will show eduroam with the text Connected, secured.


    Resetting the eduroam network password

    After changing password eduroam in Windows 10 is not working. Then you have to remove eduroam settings:

    • Click the network connections icon in the bottom bar.
    • In the window that opens, click Network & Internet settings.
    • A Status window will open. Click the Wi-Fi menu.
    • Find Manage known networks.
    • The menu that opens may contain several networks that you have connected to during travel, for example.
    • Find and click eduroam. In the menu that opens, choose Forget.

    You can now re-connect to eduroam.

    NB! Enter your username in the topmost field of the login window in the format (e.g.

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