HelsinkiUni Guest visitor network

Visitors who do not have university credentials or e.g. eduroam credentials can join the visitor network.

A visitor can use the network for five (5) hours at a time, after which they need to reaccept the terms of use (the number of sessions is not restricted). The session is disconnected after 30 minutes if the user is not using the network.

The university's coverage is largely the same as that of eduroam, with a few exceptions: 

  • Biomedicum in Meilahti
  • Viikki Teacher Training School and Helsinki Normal Lyseum


  • Select the network HelsinkiUni Guest.
    • If you plan to use this network regularly, you can check the box Connect automatically.
  • Click Connect.
  • Enter the password uniguest
  • You must accept the terms of use before continuing.
  • Read the terms and click Accept / Hyväksy / Godkänn.
  • The connection is established and you can use the network.

Scan the network information using a QR code

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