Limited user accounts

Limited user accounts are intended for individuals from outside the university who do not have a Finnish social security number, and who need access to a university service that requires identification. These individuals include consultants and presenters requiring access to Wiki or Flamma as well as students from outside the university taking part in Moodle courses.

If user has a Finnish social security number, applications for access rights should be submitted with this application form.

If you only need access the wireless network, the preferred method is to use the eduroam or HelsinkiUni Guest visitor network.

About limited user account

University services such as the following can be accessed with a limited user account:

Limited user accounts cannot be used to log in to wireless networks, university workstations or group directories. The account does not allow printing documents using university printers and it does not include an e-mail address or a home directory.

Members of the Finnish Haka identity federation can, for example, log in to Moodle or Wiki with their home university user account. In these cases, the guest will not need a limited user account.

Visitors from other universities can use the wireless eduroam visitor network with their home university user account if their home university is part of the eduroam network.

Applying for a limited user account

An employee can order a limited user account (and other special accounts) using the e-form without separate approval. You can order one or more usernames on the same form by selecting the correct option in the “Username being applied for” menu.
A student must talk to the student adviser if they want to obtain any other special accounts.

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