Teaching in the IT teaching facilities

These instructions are intended for teachers.
If you arrange teaching in the university’s IT teaching facilities, prepare well in advance according to these instructions.

Further information about the IT teaching facilities and workspaces in Flamma.

Checklist for teacher

Create a request in time

  1. If you need special software for your teaching, please contact Helpdesk  at least four weeks before your class. The distribution of the application to the classroom cannot be guaranteed with less than one week’s notice. This especially applies at the beginning of terms. A list of software installed on classroom computers is provided at the end of these instructions.
  2. Acquire any licences that are required and register free application if this is required by the software manufacturer.
    Read more about the acquisition of licences in Flamma.
  3. Download the installation files and instructions, if any, ready for the IT Center for delivery.
  4. Include the detailed information of the teaching room in the request. Information about facilities can be found on this Flamma page, for example.
  5. Remember to also include your own contact details.
  6. Furthermore, you should check that all the participants have a valid username. Usernames for any external participants must be acquired in time. Course usernames, for example, can be obtained for use in teaching. These Helpdesk instructions tell about the different types of usernames and how to apply for them.

When Helpdesk has received the request

  1. The IT Center will contact you if any additional information is needed, and it will inform you of how to deliver any installation files which may be needed.
  2. You will be notified when the software has been installed.
  3. You must test the functionality of the software yourself before the beginning of teaching.


Software installed on all Windows computers

  • MS Office
  • F-Secure Client Security
  • Firefox ESR
  • Google Chrome
  • VLC Player
  • Adobe Acrobat Reader
  • Adobe Digital Editions
  • Flash Player plugin
  • 7-Zip
  • Zoom Client
  • Adobe Connect plugin
  • University Menu
  • HY Assistant
  • VMware Horizon Client


In addition to the above software, the following software is installed on classroom computers*

  • Corel Paint Shop Pro
  • CorelDraw Graphics Suite
  • FileOpen Client
  • SPSS
  • Amos
  • Inkscape
  • LibreOffice
  • MapInfo
  • R for Windows
  • Rstudio
  • RuSlav
  • SAS
  • Scribus
  • SIL-Fonts

* Exceptions in Kumpula, some of the classes have been installed as staff computers

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