IT checklist for hybrid work – remember to connect your computer to the university network

12.10.2021 - 11:21

As hybrid work begins, it is important that university staff returning to their workstations make sure that, among other things, work computers that have been out of use or not connected to the university network for a long time have the necessary updates.

The IT Center automatically updates computers connected to the university's network and included in the centralised administration. We are, however, unable to reach all computers due to technical reasons. It is therefore important that you connect your computer to the university network when you return to your workstation. Please also follow the university's general instructions when returning to work at the office.

IT checklist for returning to the workplace:

  • Keep your university computer connected to the university network via eduroam, a wired or VPN connection for one full working day if your university computer has been unused or disconnected from the university network for a long time. This way your computer will receive the latest software and information security updates. Please also read the IT Helpdesk eduroam instructions to resolve potential connection difficulties and the connection instructions for computers (Detailed help).
  • Please note that the update process can take a long time on a computer that has not been updated in a while. If a colleague arrives to the workplace before you, you can ask them to turn on your computer before you return. This will make it easier for you to start work at the office.
  • The IT Center on-site support team will inspect as many flex workstations as possible. Unfortunately, we cannot check every university workstation.
  • Please return the university equipment you borrowed for remote work, such as displays, keyboards, mouses and ergonomic aides, to your workstation by 1 November 2021.
  • Contact the university IT Helpdesk if you have any problems. Please note that when large numbers of university staff and students return to work at the campuses, our customer support may experience temporary congestion. We apologize for any resulting delay in our responses.
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