Instructions for changing computer

Instructions for purchasing and changing a new computer.

    ​Switching computers – brief guide (PDF)

    Multilingual, updated June 2021 

    Multilingual, updated January 2024

    More instructions in Detailed Help tab

    How to order a new computer?

    When in need of a new computer, see instructions in Flamma under How to purchase a computer

    Your message should include at least the following information:

    • Information on the computer to be ordered (requested model and possible optional features, such as a dock)
    • The person who will confirm the order (person responsible for the unit’s acquisitions)
    • Tulosyksikön tunnus (e.g. H900)
    • WBS code (e.g H900/900125) and information on the account from which the device will be paid – this allows the invoice to be processed faster.
    • Information of the end user of the computer: name, e-mail, building/room number and phone number
    • Name of the current computer (can be found from top section of the University menu), makes changing the computer easier

    When using a new computer for the first time

    NOTE! Use the wired university network when logging in for the first time!
    The wireless network WILL NOT WORK when logging in for the first time.


    How to connect your new computer

    Take your time to go through these instructions. If you have any questions, please contact IT Helpdesk.


    • Various connectors can be used for the monitor. Use the connector you have for the monitor. If you cannot connect the monitor or you need an adapter, please contact IT Helpdesk.
    • Docking stations may be different in appearance, but they all include the necessary ports.
    • If the network connection does not work or you cannot see anything on the monitor, wait for a while for the drivers to install. If the connection still does not work, try connecting the cable to another similar port.
    • The automatic installation of Smartcard printers may take a few business days.

    Connect the keyboard and mouse (USB)

    Connect the network cable

    Network cable (RJ-45) and network port


    Connect the monitor

    There may be various monitor cables. The images represent the most common monitor cables: HDMI, Display Port and USB-C.

    Connect the power cables of the computer and the monitor


    Updating computer outside the university

    NB! Always use the secure VPN connection in networks outside the university. This keeps the software and information security updated.
    Read more about connections outside university

    Wireless Connections (eduroam)

    Eduroam comes preinstalled. When logging in, enter your username in the form (e.g.

    Read more about wireless connections 

    Transferring files from the old computer

    The user is responsible for transferring files from their old computer to the new.

    • For the network drives (Z, P and other potential network drives), the information is online and automatically appears on the new computer. The home directory is usually available when you log in to your computer. In some cases, the home directory must be mapped (activated) manually. In practice, this applies to remote use of the home directory from a home computer.
    • Any files saved on the computer (usually LocalData/HY-DATA folder) must be transferred personally. This can be done using the network drive or USB memory.

    Please note that software settings are not automatically transferred to the new computer. If you are using the S/MIME certificate for e-mail encryption, you must transfer the certificate to the new computer. See more detailed S/MIME instructions from separate instructions.

    Installing additional software

    The IT Center pre-installs the most commonly used software in the workstations and laptops it delivers. You can install many common additional applications from the Software Center yourself.

    Recycling old devices

    After switching computers, order a pickup for the old device from IT Helpdesk. 

    Additional information on recycling of computers (in Flamma).

    NB! Ink cartridges are recycled by Unigrafia.

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