Reporting junk mail in Outlook

With these instructions, you can report junk mail, phishing or e-mail interpreted incorrectly as junk mail to Microsoft.

  • If you receive actual junk mail, send the report to
  • Reports on phishing are sent to
  • Reports on e-mail incorrectly interpreted as junk mail are sent to

Click here for instructions for OWA (Outlook Web app) users >>

Helpdesk has recently received notifications that messages sent through Majordomo lists, for example, have for some users been mistaken as junk mail.

You can avoid this by adding the list addresses you want in the Safe Recipients list in OWA so that messages received through them are certainly delivered to your Inbox.

Microsoft guide


Reporting junk mail

If the Inbox folder of your Office 365 cloud-email receives junk mail or phishing messages, report the issue to Microsoft as follows:

  • Right-click the junk mail and select Copy.
  • Create a new empty message.
  • In the address field (1), type (reporting junk mail) or (reporting phishing).
  • Right-click the message field (2) and select Paste.
  • The junk mail has now been attached to the message (1).
  • Send the message by clicking Send (2).

Reporting incorrectly interpreted junk mail

If the Junk mail folder of your Office 365 could e-mail receives actual e-mail incorrectly interpreted as junk mail, do as instructed above and send the incorrectly interpreted junk mail to

Microsoft updates its e-mail filters on the basis of the reports and filters messages reported as junk mail or phishing from the e-mail traffic.

If you suspect your personal information may have been compromised

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