Borrowing a licence in SPSS software

The SPSS Commuter Utility application enables you to borrow a licence for SPSS software when using the software on a computer without an Internet connection or outside the university without a VPN connection.

A network licence is specified for the SPSS software installed on computers in centralised administration; in other words, the computer must be able to access the licence server when using the software. The licence server is visible in the university networks (internal network, the university’s eduroam and VPN connection). In Windows, the SPSS software has been licensed with a network licence for a long time, and in Mac, network licensing was implemented in SPSS 27.

Unfortunately, the SPSS Commuter Utility does not work on Linux. To use the licence, please contact the Helpdesk

Borrowing a licence

To borrow a licence, you will need to connect to the licence server, which means that the workstation must be connected to the internal network or the university’s eduroam or have a VPN connection to the university network.

Start the SPSS Commuter Utility (installed with the SPSS software).

The software’s version number can be found at the end of the series of numbers; for example, 1200 (1200) 27.0 is the licence for SPSS 27.

Select the correct licence (click on the licence row):

  • 1200 (1200) refers to the IBM SPSS Statistics software
  • 9005 (9500) refers to the Amos 7 English software

In Duration (Days) (1), select the number of days for which you wish to borrow the licence. The timespan is 1–30 days.
Select Check Out (2). The licence is now borrowed.
Finally, select Exit (3).

The next time you start the SPSS software, it will tell you the number of days the licence will still be valid.

Returning the licence

Please remember to return the licence if you are not using it. Someone else may need the licence. You can return the licence by opening SPSS Commuter Utility and selecting Check In (4).

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