Cubbli in University of Helsinki

Cubbli (Common Ubuntu based Linux) is the University of Helsinki’s Linux distribution. Cubbli is based on Ubuntu and has been modified to meet the University’s needs.

The current Cubbli version is 22.04. The older versions (18.04 and 20.04) will only receive security updates. We recommend that you always use the latest version. You can find more information about upgrading here.

More instructions can be found in Cubbli developers’ open Wiki site.

General information about Cubbli


Problems with Cubbli? You can check if your problem is already solved:
You can also post questions or answer existing questions here.

Office 365

You can use Office 365 services with a browser at the address Instructions for logging in can be found in the browser e-mail instructions

Cubbli development

The development team’s own wiki area is here.

  • It contains more advanced instructions.
  • The latest information on Cubbli software and development is posted here.
  • The team does not have a service channel of its own, but Helpdesk will direct matters to them, if necessary.

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