Password encryption of an Office file

You can use a password to encrypt Office files. The example in these instructions concerns a Word file, but the same principle applies to other Office files as well. Use a strong password that you can remember. IT support cannot restore the password for you.

See Microsoft’s instructions for more information about file encryption.

  • Windows: Open  File  >  Info  > Protect Document > Encrypt with Password.
    Mac: Tools > Protect Document 
  • Enter the password twice.
  • More information is available on Microsoft’s instructions page.

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    You can protect an Office document with a password like this:

    • Click File.
    • In the Info tab, open Protect Document > Encrypt with Password.
    • Enter your password. Click OK.
    • Confirm the password. Click OK.
    • The Info tab shows that the file has been encrypted.


    You can protect an Office document with a password like this:

    • Click Tools > Protect Document
    • or open the Review menu and select Protect Document
    • Set the password in the window that opens. Enter the password a second time to confirm it.
    • Click OK. The document is now protected with the password.

    You can also specify other protections in the same window, such as preventing comments or editing.

    You can remove the encryption of the file by removing the password.

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