Applying for a user role in the HERO system

    List of roles you can apply with HERO: 

    • Riihi
    • SAP Talous HY rahastot
    • Käyttäjähallinnon sovellukset
    • Rapo
    • Optime
    • Personec F.V.
    • SAP Talous
    • Kvestuurin työntekijät
    • SAP HR
    • Suffeli (SAP SuccessFactors)
    • SAP Working time allocation
    • Toivo

    See detailed help tab for instructions

    Applying an role

    Sign in to the system at the address

    • You can change the language of the service by using the drop-down menu at the top of the page.
    • On the page which opens, type in your user login and valid password.
    • Click the Login button.
    • Start making the application by clicking the Create new application button.
      • Choose the role or roles which you are applying for by putting a check mark next to the application:

    • For each application selected above, a list of the available roles will appear into the Select roles column.
    • Choose the role you are applying for.
    • Click the Next >> button.
      • Choose the organization unit for which you are seeking role permissions.
      • You can specify the organization structure by clicking the name of the organization unit, which will open a list of organization units under it choose the organization by clicking the name of the unit.
      • Click the Add >> button.
    • The permissions you are applying for will be displayed in the view to the right (this view does not appear for all available roles).

    • Click the Next >> button.
    • The Selected roles field displays the role(s) you are applying for (1).
    • The field Select your superior and when necessary ..., starting with last name displays the name of your superior and his or her e-mail address (2).
    • To the Motivation field, type why you are applying for the permissions (3).
    • The Signature field has your user name pre-entered (4).
    • Type your password into the Password field (4).
    • Click the Sign and send in the application button (4).
    • At the end, you will get a confirmation that the application has been sent.
    • Sign out of the system by clicking the sign out button in the upper right corner.
    • You can cancel the application which is being made at any stage by clicking the Cancel application button in the upper right corner (5).

    Evaluation of the applications

    An e-mail message concerning the application will be sent to your superior once per day. If you want to hasten the evaluation of your application, give your superior a separate notification about the application, e.g. by speaking to them. Your superior will see your application in the HERO system immediately.

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