Setting up Eduroam with an installer package

These instructions are intended for home computers. Please note the installation required administrator rights. Read more about the use of administration rights on the Microsoft site.

  • Download Eduroam installer from
  • Type in your user name in the form (e.g. OR (e.g.
  • Type in your password twice in the appropriate fields.
  • See Detailed help for further information

    Download the eduroam installer package

    By following these instructions you can set up an Eduroam profile on your computer or device with a simple installer, which means you don't need to configure anything manually.

    • Go to
    • Click on the button Eduroam user: download your Eduroam installer.
    • Next, choose your home institution from the list.
    • Choose your operating system from the following list.

    NB! These instructions guide you through the installation for Windows 7. The process may differ to some extent on other operating systems.

    • Save the installer package file on your computer by clicking Save File.

    Installing the Eduroam

    • Open the folder where you saved the file ("Downloads" by default on Firefox) and begin the installation either by double clicking the file or by right clicking it and saving Run as administrator.

    • You must be logged on the computer with a user account with administrator privileges.
    • Begin the installation by clicking Run.

    • The installer will set up two eduroam profiles: eduroam and eduroam (TKIP). It is recommended you use the latter.
    • Choose Next.

    • The Eduroam profile you install will only be usable with a University of Helsinki user account.
    • Click OK.

    • Type in your user name in the form (e.g.
      and type in your password twice in the appropriate fields.
    • Click Install.

    • In order to set up your Eduroam profile, the installer also needs to install the UH certificate on your computer.
    • Click Yes.
    • You will receive a notification when the installation process is complete.
    • Choose Finish.

    • You will se the following caption on the lower part of your screen the first time you are within range of an eduroam wireless network after the installation.
    • Click on the caption Additional information is needed to connect eduroam.

    • Type in your UH user account in the form (e.g. OR (e.g. along with your password.
    • Click OK.

    • After this first time, you are logged on to eduroam automatically every time.

    You must log on to eduroam again every time you change your UH password! See detailed instructions.


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