HelsinkiUni network

The University of Helsinki has several wireless networks:

The new HelsinkiUni network supports your work as the connection is made automatically and you do not have to sign in separately with your university credentials as with e.g. the eduroam network. Also, because HelsinkiUni is linked to university devices, not individual users, you do not have to sign in to the network again or install a new profile when taking the network into use or when your university password changes.

Please note! The HelsinkiUni network is visible on the list of wireless networks on all devices at university campuses but only works on centrally managed university staff Windows laptops (automatically). This means you cannot connect to the network using your university credentials on e.g. Mac laptops or smartphones.
The IT Center is planning to introduce the HelsinkiUni network on centrally managed university Mac and Linux computers in the future. Due to technical reasons, the schedule for future deployments has not yet been determined.

The HelsinkiUni network gives you access to the university services in the same way as the eduroam network. The new wireless network will work alongside the international eduroam network, and eduroam will remain in use as before.

After the network has been deployed at your campus, your university Windows laptop will automatically connect to the secure HelsinkiUni network with a certificate when you work on campus. The connection is formed automatically once the settings have been installed, and you cannot connect to the network manually with your username and password.

Read more about the University’s wireless networks in the IT Helpdesk instructions.

    After the deployment

    You will not receive a separate notification of the deployment of the new wireless network on your university Windows laptop. After deployment, the HelsinkiUni network will appear on the list of wireless network connections as shown below:

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