Contact persons and information in IT matters


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University services

University services (in Flamma) manage the user accounts and quota requests of students and staff. The username application form can be foud here.


Responsible party

Other notes

User accounts of employees and other users *

Human Resources Coordinator

Including scholarship researchers, adjunct professors and emeritus professors


End of employment *

Human Resources Coordinator


Roles of an employee *

Human Resources Coordinator


Quota and licence request related to research and teaching support systems

Service Coordinator

e.g. approval of group storage spaces (group directories)

  Service Coordinator  
Forwarding the unit’s supply requests to the IT Center Contact person in supply matters Instructions and contact details

*  Please contact Helpdesk for all other user account matters


Customer service representatives

IT Centre customer service representatives support the University’s units in IT-related matters. Each unit has a dedicated customer service representative who can be contacted concerning broader, unit or reasearch group level questions either directly or through Helpdesk. All IT matters of individual users are handled by Helpdesk.