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NB! A VPN connection is required outside the university network 

Groups can be used in the following services, among others:

Anyone at the university can now create a group and an e-mail list for it.

  1. It is good practice to give a group at least two owners from the start, so that the group’s updates can be carried out during possible absences. Helpdesk cannot add group members or owners.
  2. Due to the properties of the e-mail system, administration creates the e-mail list manually so far, which causes a minor delay. If you create a group in the evening, administration will create the e-mail list in the morning before noon.
    NOTE: If the group has a mailing list, adding a member will be saved in the list within approximately five minutes. So please wait a moment before using the mailing list after making changes to it.

These groups DO NOT create an O365 e-mail list and they cannot be found in the O365 address book. They DO NOT create an O365 calendar. You can send e-mail to groups as usual if you know the address of the group.

  • If you only need a group for an e-mail list, please note that a majordomo list offers the following benefits compared to an e-mail list set up using the group administration feature:
    • you can add e-mail addresses other than those of the university ( to the group
    • group members can join and leave the e-mail list themselves

The visibility of other group members has been restricted due to information security. If you need to know who the members of the group are, contact the owners of the group.

Do you belong to a group?
Groups are used for controlling many rights and problems can often stem from you not belonging to a particular group. You can also check your own groups on the University’s Windows PC with the HY Assistant tool.

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    The changes will be updated in the various systems within a couple of hours.

    The desktop has direct links to the most commonly used functions:



    The changes will be updated in the various systems within a couple of hours.

    Logging in

    Log in at Automatic login is available when you are using a university computer. When using other computers, you must log in using your university user account.

    The front page looks like this:


    Search groups

    The search function allows you to search a suitable group in the existing groups.

    The search results show:

    • The group name
    • A short description of the group
    • A list of the group owners (name, user account and e-mail address).


    Create a new group

    Characters allowed in the group name: lowercase letters a to z, numbers 0-9, and a hyphen.

    Click Create your own group on the front page. Fill in the group information carefully, as it helps users identify the groups more easily. The fields marked with an asterisk are compulsory.

    • The group name cannot be changed later, so choose it carefully.
    • The group name, description and validity are compulsory.

    Enter the required information in the form and click the Create group button at the bottom.

    When you create a new group, you automatically become the group owner or the group administrator. Note that the owner is not automatically a member of their group. If you want to become a member of your group, you must add yourself as a member just like any other member.

    It is good practice to give a group at least two owners from the start, so that the group’s updates can be carried out during possible absences. Helpdesk cannot add group members or owners.

    Edit group information

    Find the group on the My groups page. Click the “More information” section of the group.

    You can edit the following information for the group, among others:

    • change the description or group validity
    • change, delete or add additional information or choose additional properties for the group
    • add or delete group owners
      • NOTE: A group can also be added as an owner, but only the individual members of a group added as an owner will become owners.
        If the group added as an owner has other groups as members, the individual members of such groups will not become owners.

    Make the necessary changes in the administration form and click the Update group button at the bottom.


    Group validity

    Groups are automatically valid until further notice, unless a specific expiration date is separately defined.
    A group owner will receive a warning e-mail two months, two weeks and two days before their group expires. If necessary, you can change your group’s expiration date on the My Groups tab, under the section Other Information.
    NOTE: Groups that are valid until further notice are valid for one year starting from the last changes made to the group. If no changes have been made to their group for one year, the owners of a group valid until further notice will also receive warning e-mails about the group’s expiration. In this case, the owners must log into the group administration tool, check that the group details are still correct and click the Update Group button.


    Edit group members

    A member administration tool can be found on the My groups page.

    • The administration page shows the current members of the group in alphabetical order.
    • For person members, the name, user account and e-mail address are shown.
    • For group members, the group name, number of members, validity of the group and the description are shown.
    • You can add individual persons and groups as members.
    • If the membership has been set to begin in the future, it will do so at 00:00 on the date in question.
    • The membership and its rights will end at 11:59:59 p.m. on the ending date. The person will still be displayed on the list so that the name and ending date are shown in grey. This is for the benefit of the owners and allows them to see whose rights have been removed and when. If you do not want the person to be shown, the owner must remove them manually.
    • Remember to click Save.


    Add members or groups

    Enter the name, user account or e-mail / group name or description or a part of it in the search field below Add members. Choose the person/group from the search results by clicking the Add button to the right. Remember to click Save.


    Removing a member or a group from the group

    Click Members on the My groups page to open the list of members.
    Find the person you want to remove and check the Remove checkbox. Remember to click Save.

    You can carry out several actions at the same time:

    The changes will be updated in the various systems within a couple of hours.

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