Home directory (Mac)

The online disk storage contains a separate home directory for university staff and students for saving files. It has 100 gigabytes (Gb) of disk space. It is personal, so other users cannot access its content.

These instructions are intended for university Mac computers. Instructions for home computers are available through his link.

    How to find your home directory on a university Mac computer:

    • Click the University menu on the menu row.
    • Click Open Home Directory.
    • The home directory opens in Finder.

    How to use the group directory (P drive) on Mac

    You can open the group directory as easily:

    • Click the University menu on the menu row.
    • Click Open Group Directory. The group directory opens in Finder.

    Folders in the home directory or the group director can be added to Finder’s side bar by dragging them with the mouse. You can then access them quickly from Finder and Mac programs. Items on Finder’s side bar are shown in the file opening and storage windows in all Mac programs, such as Word.

    If connection to you home directory is interrupted and the directory is no longer visible on your computer, reconnect by following the steps described above.

    A Mac computer in university’s centralised administration logs into the home directory and group disk automatically. If the log-in does not work, switch the screen saver on for a moment or turn on stand-by mode and log in (by entering the password manually and not using fingerprint identification).

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