Using a Cubbli workstation on a home computer

These instructions explain how to connect a home computer to the university’s Cubbli computer

If you do not need a connection for a specific computer (e.g. for files only on that particular computer), you can use Cubbli with a remote desktop .

    Using Cubbli on a Linux home computer

    The user must have a university username, a Linux computer at home and a Cubbli computer at work ( Usually, the university’s firewall prevents users from accessing work computers from home using a direct ssh connection. For this reason, a computer with an open ssh port is needed in between. Using with the university username serves this purpose.

    If you only need an ssh connection, the command
    ssh -t ssh

    opens an ssh connection to the work computer, and you only need to enter your password once.

    If you need X windowing, the command is
    ssh -X -t ssh -X

    If you also need to copy files between your home and work computers, create a text file in your home directory ~/.ssh and name it as config. The file should contain the following rows:

    Host pangtunnel  
    LocalForward 1111  
    User universityusername
    Host duuni  
    Hostname localhost  
    Port 1111  
    Forwardx11 yes  
    User universityusername

    Open the ssh tunnel with the command ssh -f -N -q pangtunnel (the password is the password for your user account)
    Now you can access your work computer with the following command (alternatively, you can use X windowing and the password for your user account):
    ssh duuni

    Use the following command to copy files between your home and work computers:
    scp homefile duuni:
    scp duuni:workfile
    (Also in this case, the password is the password for your user account)

    You can also transfer files using the gftp graphic program and the following settings:
    Host: duuni Port: 1111 User:  universityusername Pass: AD password Protocol SSH2

    Gftp can also be used on a terminal with an open ssh tunnel using the command ssh -f -N -q pangtunnel

    Using Cubbli on a Mac home computer

    The above instructions also apply to Macs.

    Mac users can also transfer their files with graphic software Fugu (, selecting the following settings:
    Connect to: localhost Username: university username Port: 1111
    when the ssh tunnel has been opened in the Terminal program with the command.

    Using Cubbli on a home Windows PC

    Windows 10 users need a Putty terminal (page in Finnish). Open the ssh tunnel in the command window with the following command:

    "C:\Program Files\Putty\PLINK.EXE" -L -N

    Leave the window open. Now you can access your work computer using a ssh connection via the Putty program by selecting localhost as Connect to and 1111 as the port. Use the same settings to transfer files between your home and work computers with the WinSCP program (page in Finnish). X windowing can be done with Xming (page in Finnish).

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