How to use Helpdesk site

Any computer problem you may experience is most often solved by reading and following instructions.

This site comprises instructions on the use of many commonly used programs and services at the university. 

We would also like to hear your opinion on our instructions! A feedback link can be found in the bottom corner of each page.


    Info bars

    The Helpdesk instructions contain info bars, mixed in with the text, that are used to label various types of content:

    A green bar emphasises an essential part or general point in the instructions.
    An orange bar draws your attention to something important for the instructions.
    Red is a warning. This info bar is used under special circumstances. Pay careful attention to these!
    Further information
    A blue bar indicates that more/other information is available elsewhere (usually a link to another service).

    More instructions

    Student's digital skills learning material extensively features the university's IT environment and the use of its software. Although Student's digital skills is primarily aimed at students, it contains information that is useful for everyone at the university.


    If your problem persists

    If the instructions are unclear, or if you are uncertain about something, please contact our helpdesk. Our contact information can be found in the Contact section (in the end of the every page). The IT center provides assistance by chat, by phone, by e-mail and face-to-face.

    Give feedback

    The instructions site of the University of Helsinki's IT Helpdesk helps you with IT-related issues related to your work. Let us know how we can improve our instructions. We greatly appreciate your feedback!

    How would you improve these instructions?
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