ID Point

ID Point is an identification service which helps those in the university to easily and securely use services requiring personal identification by telephone.

You can find ID Point on all campuses and several remote desks. Identify yourself at the nearest ID Point service desk. After this, you can use the services requiring identification, such as with the IT Center Helpdesk in matters concerning usernames.

ID Point and Helpdesk

In most issues concerning usernames, Helpdesk must first be able to reliably identify the caller. The matter can be solved with the ID Point service in the following manner:

  1. Go to the nearest ID Point service desk.
  2. Present your identity document to the ID Point clerk.
  3. You will receive a single-use number sequence which is valid for 24 hours.
  4. When calling Helpdesk (02 941 55555), present your case and, when asked, repeat the number sequence given to you.
  5. After this, you can continue using Helpdesk as if you had just shown them your identity document.

The ID Point service desk is not part of the IT Center and only deals with personal identification. A person using the desk is identified with a  valid passport, Schengen area identification card or a Finnish or EU driving licence. After identification, you will receive an ID Point code which is single-use and valid for 24 hours. An expired or used code will not be accepted for identification; instead, you will have to visit the ID Point service desk again.

Please check the ID Point service opening hours: ID Point service desk. The IT Center Helpdesk is available within its opening hours.

Schengen area

Where can the ID Point code be used?

At the moment, Helpdesk offers telephone services in exchange for an ID Point code in the following issues:

  1. Changing a forgotten password (Start by checking whether you can reset your password yourself)
  2. Activating a new username

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