Resources for Research

Resources for Research

The University offers storage facilities, data processing environments, high-performance computing services and solution consultation for the special needs of research and cooperation. You will find links to detailed instructions and presentations on this page.

We also recommend that you take a look at the table, which gives you a quick overview of the services offered and their suitability for confidential material, for example.

Storage and file sharing

Home directory

Group directory

  • A network storage location belonging to the University’s own server environment, which is available to a specified user group within the University.
  • How to use a group directory


  • Personal storage space in the Microsoft Office 365 cloud service environment, from which files can also be shared
  • How to use OneDrive



Dept directory


  • Object storage that uses the S3 interface and belongs to University’s own server environment.
  • Suitable for non-sensitive research data, with functionality similar to those of cloud services.
  • Files are not edited directly in Datacloud, so it is not suitable as a scratch disk.
  • Contact:

Virtual desktops and computing environments



Computation clusters

Survey applications



For the processing of confidential and sensitive information

Version control

The University of Helsinki offers a Gitlab version management environment (e.g. for software development needs) at

Read more about version management

Visiting researchers and access rights

Instructions for visitors’ access rights

NB! Some of the services offered by the University of Helsinki (including Windows virtual desktops and Umpio) require the level of Microsoft licence to be raised for users who do not belong to the University’s permanent staff.

Solution consultation

The IT Center offers solution consultation for the special needs of units and research groups. Solution consultation typically comprises minor assignments lasting approximately 1–5 workdays with the goal of producing a proposed solution for the client which can be used as the basis for fulfilling a need related to information technology. Typical subjects of solution consultation include market surveys and needs assessments, research data storage needs, minor IT systems and other large-scale purchases.

Contact via IT Helpdesk:

CSC services

CSC – IT Centre for Science Ltd offers a wide range of computation and storage solutions to higher education institutions. The services are free of charge for research projects, but the researcher in charge must be a member of a higher education institution that has the right to use the services.



SD Connect & SD Desktop

CSC cloud computing environment

CSC high-performance computing environment


Self-study online Research Data Management course

  • You can find the self-study Research Data Management course at this link.
  • Log in to the course platform ( with HAKA IDs (select from the list University of Helsinki).
  • The course is divided into six sections that go through the life cycle of data management:
    • 1) Introduction
    • 2) Data management planning
    • 3) Data collection, documentation and organisation
    • 4) Data analysis and storage during the project
    • 5) Publication of data
    • 6) Discoverability and reuse
    • The sections include text, videos and slides. At the end of each section, there is a quiz where you can test your skills and at the end of the course you will receive a course certificate.

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