Service addresses

According to the e-mail handling regulations (Flamma), university units should have organisation-specific addresses for official matters. Services should be addresses primarily via organisation addresses, not via personal work e-mail.

E-mail addresses, so-called service addresses, can be created for organisations and services. E-mail sent to this address can be directed to one or more persons taking care of the service.

Service addresses are comprised of a department abbreviation and a word describing the purpose of the address, for instance, The abbreviation can be omitted from the university's general addresses and organisation addresses, for instance, or

    Implementation options

    A service address can be created in multiple ways. The selected option depends on the purpose of use and the mail processing conventions.

    Recommended options are:

    Older options (not recommended):

    • Shared Mappi mailbox
      • Ask more about shared Mappi mailbox from Helpdesk
    • Mailing list (in home directory or list server)

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