Personal home pages

People at the university may publish their home pages on the university server. The space reserved for home pages is 10 gigabytes. All users have viewing rights to the home page folder, and the folder is intended only for publishing www material.

    Space for a personal home page on the university's server

    Home page


    • Alternatively, you can order a blog from the Educational Technology Centre, enabling you to easily maintain a home page. For additional information, visit the university blog's pages.

    Drafting and publishing a home page

    Home pages can be created by using various ready-made websites (wysiwyg), or by editing html code with any text editor (e.g. by using the Notepad++ text editor, found in the Software Center). The Internet offers a wealth of various Web publishing programs, suitable for different purposes. Users have the opportunity of experimenting with different solutions and choosing a solution that suits them; the IT Center gives no recommendations.

    Mapping your home directory to a network drive

    Updating the directory housing your home page can be accomplished using a computer connected to the university's network. Kotisivun osoitteena on, where "account" – user account – must naturally be replaced with the user's own user account (e.g. rkeskiva).

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