Personal home pages


Detailed help

People at the university may publish their home pages on the university server. The space reserved for home pages is 1 gigabytes. All users have viewing rights to the home page folder, and the folder is intended only for publishing www material.

Space for a personal home page on the university's server

Home page



  • Alternatively, you can order a blog from the Educational Technology Centre, enabling you to easily maintain a home page. For additional information, visit the university blog's pages.

Drafting and publishing a home page

Home pages can be created by using various ready-made websites (wysiwyg), or by editing html code with any text editor (e.g. by using the Notepad++ text editor, found in the Software Center). The Internet offers a wealth of various Web publishing programs, suitable for different purposes. Users have the opportunity of experimenting with different solutions and choosing a solution that suits them; the IT Center gives no recommendations.

Mapping your home directory to a network drive

Updating the directory housing your home page can be accomplished using a computer connected to the university's network. Kotisivun osoitteena on, where "account" – user account – must naturally be replaced with the user's own user account (e.g. rkeskiva).

While a home page directory can be accessed via a VPN-portal and a VPN connection is ideally suited for transferring individual files, with regard to editing files, it is recommended that you map your home page to a network drive.