Recommendations for IAM groups

Anyone at the university can create a group. Groups can be used in the following services, among others:

  • E-mail lists
  • Service addresses/shared mailboxes and calendars
  • Flamma workgroups
  • Group directories
  • Wiki

For more information about groups and the IAM group management tool, go to >>


Quick help
  • Before you create a new group, check whether there is a suitable group in the existing groups. For example, you can use the groups starting with hy and indicated in the detailed instructions. You can search groups on the Search for and Create Groups tab in the group management tool.
  • Give the group as descriptive a name as possible. For example, you can use an organisation unit abbreviation at the beginning of the name.
  • In the description, indicate the purpose of use as accurately as possible, preferably so that the persons connected to the group can be determined from its purpose.
Detailed help

Hy groups

The IAM system contains several automatic groups that you can use. You can use the IAM tool to see the list of members in hy groups.

1) hy-faculty-abbreviation-department-abbreviation-employees and hy-separate-institution-abbreviation-employees

  • These contain the employees of the organisation unit based on SAP HR’s employment contract information.
  • Created in the system automatically.
  • Updated every night from SAP HR’s information.

2) hy-faculty-abbreviation-department-abbreviation-coemployees and hy-separate-institution-abbreviation-coemployees

  • These contain scholarship researchers, visiting researchers, persons undergoing non-military service and others with a UH username and valid contract information in SAP-HR.
  • Created in the system automatically.

3) hy-faculty-abbreviation-department-abbreviation-allstaff and hy-separate-institution-abbreviation-allstaff

  • Include the corresponding group ending with -employees and -coemployees + possible manually added persons whose information are not received from SAP HR.
  • These groups are updated by the service coordinators.

4) hy-faculty-abbreviation-department-abbreviation-staff or hy-separate-institution-abbreviation-staff

  • These will be taken out of use at the end of April 2017, so they should no longer be used.

NOTE: Members with a valid employment contract / contract in SAP-HR cannot be removed from the ”-employees” or ”-allstaff” groups (and in future from the ”-coemployees” groups). Persons on different types of occupational leave will remain as group members.

If you cannot find a suitable group from the official hy groups, you can ask the administrator to add a group from the address hy-ryhmä


Grp groups

Groups beginning with grp can be created by anyone at the university with an AD username issued by the university using the tool
Read instructions >>

  • Persons with a University of Helsinki username can be added to the grp groups.
  • You will only see the description of the grp groups and a list of their owners.
  • The member list is not shown for grp groups.
  • If you don’t know whether a grp group is suitable for your purpose, contact the group owner for further information. The group owner is indicated in the Search for and Create Groups  tab in the group management tool. Enter the name of the group in the search field. The search results show the owners of the group and their e-mail addresses.