Switching from a roaming profile to a local profile

A roaming profile is a profile associated with the user and includes, for example, program settings. The roaming profile enables you to use your personal settings on all university work stations. The profile is saved on the server and its maximum size is 300 MB.

Do not save your personal files in the profile as it should only be used for program settings. Save your personal files in your home directory (Z drive).

Staff members who have their own computers can disable the roaming profile in accordance with the following instructions. Students cannot disable the roaming profile.

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Quick guide to switching to a local profile

The switch is carried out in two stages, one of which must be performed in the University’s wired network on campus.

Follow these steps:

1. Perform the following measures at the end of the day before you visit the campus to switch to a local profile:

  • Save any important bookmarks in your browser in another location (Instructions for saving bookmarks). The bookmarks will be deleted when you change your profile.
  • If possible, also save any other necessary program settings. If you are unsure whether you successfully saved everything, the Helpdesk can try to make backup copies remotely (contact the Helpdesk).
  • NB: 17 February 2022
    You cannot log in with Firefox. Try another browser if you get the following error message:

    Go to https://rontti.helsinki.fi/hyad/tiedostopalvelu/.Click on Remove roaming profile.

  • Log out of your computer.

2. On campus

NB! Do not use the computer until you are logged in to the University’s wired network.

  • When you log in, your profile will start from a “clean table”.

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