Welcome as a user of the university information system

Activate your user account before your studies begin!

When you activate your user account for the university information system and record yourself as present you can, for example:

  • Use services at Sisu: sign up for new classes and follow your university credit record
  • Access wireless network on your laptop
  • Use the computers at the IT stations

You will receive your own username and password, an email address, and a home directory once you activate your user account. Change password here.

Activate online

When you use the activating service you can choose your own username and email address. At the same time you will sign an electronic contract obliging you to act according to the user rules set for the Helsinki University information systems. The activating service is only meant for those who do not have a user account for the information services at the university. These instructions do not apply to students who already have user accounts.

To use the activating service for your user account you need:

  • A Finnish social security number
  • Your own Internet bank codes, an electronic ID-card from the police or a valid mobile certificate in your phone

You can activate your user account once your information is recorded in the student register. The student register will inform you by email when your information has been recorded. The activating service will also inform you when your information has been recorded in the student register.

The user account can be activated here.

A user account can be used from approximately one hour after activating. Some services will begin to work the following day (such as e-mail). The password you get when activating your account is only an initial password and you should change it the first time you log in.

Changing the password: www.helsinki.fi/password

Activate at the Check in Event or at the service point

Check in Event for the international students
The most convenient way to get a username is to attend the bi-annual Check in Event for international students. You will also receive a lot of other valuable information – as well as being able to get answers to any questions you may have on your mind.


  • The Environmental Ecology students who cannot activate their own accounts must get it from Vesa Vilen, Niemenkatu 73, Lahti.
  • The students in Social- och kommunalhögskolan who cannot activate their accounts must get it from Christian Lindblom, Snellmaninkatu 12, room 248, Helsinki.

If you have problems with the activating service, please contact Helpdesk. In most issues concerning usernames, Helpdesk must first be able to reliably identify the caller. The matter can be solved with the ID Point service.

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