Is your account reset or locked for security reasons? Do the following!

In some situations, the University's security experts are forced to reset the password of your user account or put your user account in a locked state for security reasons. The reason for this may be, for example, a suspicion that your username has fallen into the wrong hands. Failure to take the security test by the due date will also cause the user account to be locked. 

NOTE! Even in these situations, IT Helpdesk will never ask you for a password or send it to you in a message. 

    If your user account has been reset

    1. You will receive a notification about the issue to an email address outside the University or through a text message. 
    2. You can use the password reset tool to set a new password. First, you must identify yourself through the service. You can identify yourself with Finnish banking credentials, a mobile certificate or an electronic ID card issued by the police. 
    3. If necessary, read further instructions for changing your password from the separate instructions
    4. If you wish, you can ask for more information about the reasons for resetting from IT Helpdesk. 

    If your user account has been locked

    1. Please contact IT Helpdesk (+358 29 415 5555, IT Helpdesk will provide more information about the situation and tell how to proceed with your locked user account. 

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