HY Assistant tool

HY Assistant is a tool developed by the IT Center to facilitate communications between the customer and Helpdesk. HY Assistant is available on all centrally maintained Windows computers.

You can find HY Assistant under Start > All progams > HY > HY Assistant. Three language options are available (Finnish, Swedish, English).


Detailed help

A versatile package

This tools allows the user to collect the required user and computer information when making a support request to Helpdesk. All the information collected with this tool can be sent to Helpdesk as a single attachment, allowing Helpdesk to pick out the necessary information.
The tool also allows the customer to install and remove network printers and to select the default printer. This tool also allows the customer to easily view documents in the print queue and to specify the default printer.

The customer also sees the disk space (free and used) of network and local disks in a single view. In addition, the tool assists in the viewing of installed software and updates and their log data. Log data may be useful especially for troubleshooting.

Central functions of the tool:

  • Shows the information of the user who is logged in
  • Shows relevant computer information, such as:
    • Computer type and serial number
    • Operating system type and version
    • Space data of the local disk (hard drive)
    • Available memory
  • Shows the installed printers
  • Allows you to install and remove network printers
  • Shows the default printer and the contents of the print queue
  • Status information for network drives
  • Shows detailed information on the software and updates installed on the computer as well as log data for the installation events
  • Allows you to list the installed software and updates
  • Allows you to make a support request to Helpdesk and to attach the information collected by the application as an attachment to the support request.