HY Assistant tool

HY Assistant is a tool developed by the IT Center to facilitate communications between the customer and Helpdesk. HY Assistant is available on all centrally maintained Windows computers.

You can find HY Assistant under Start > All programs > HY > HY Assistant. Three language options are available (Finnish, Swedish, English).


    From the HY Assistant tool, you can see information related to your own computer and user account, for example. Other useful information includes a list of network drives and their space use.

    In addition, the application displays information about the current internet connection.

    The Detailed help tab provides a more detailed description of the various functions of the application.

    Information about the network connection

    At the bottom of the sidebar, you can see information about the current internet connection.

    When the background is green, the computer is connected to a network. The red colour indicates that there is no network connection.  

    In addition, the text describes the network connection mode in more detail:

    • Online / Offline  
      Verbal description of whether the network connection is on or off
    • Ethernet / Wifi  
      Whether the computer has a wired or wireless network connection  
    • UH Device VPN  
      The device VPN connection is on (AoVPN)
    • UH User VPN 
      The user VPN connection is on (AoVPN)
    • Helsinkifi / allroute (OpenVPN) 
      The OpenVPN connection is on

    User and computer information

    Basic information about the user and the computer. May be needed when you contact the Helpdesk.

    Computer Information tab

    • On this tab, you can copy the IP address of the computer.

    Network Drives Information tab

    This tab shows what network drives are connected to your computer and what their quotas look like.

    Please note! In this list, you can also see Dept network drives (separately ordered resources that are used by the departments). For Group and Dept network drives, the actual subpartition status information is displayed, which, otherwise, cannot be easily seen in the workstation’s resource management.  

    The colour codes displayed in the application:

    • Warning = yellow, 25% left
    • Critical = red, 5% left

    Hard Drive(s) Information tab

    The tab shows the hard drives on the computer.

    Potential colour codes:

    • Warning = yellow, 25% left
    • Critical = red, 5% left 

    The operating system drive (OSDisk) has warning colours of its own:

    • yellow, 15 GB
    • red, 10 GB
    The Refresh function works in real time. If you have exceeded the space limit and then removed something large, you will see the current situation after Refresh.

    Printers (Printer information)

    Information about the printers installed on the computer

    Set Default Printer
    You can change the default printer by right-clicking the printer name and selecting Default.

    Show Print Queue
    You can check if there is a problematic print job in the print queue. Right-click the printer name and select Open.

    Add Network Printer(s)

    Add printers with this tool. (The same tool as HY Install Printers.)

    Remove Network Printer(s) 

    Remove printers with this tool.

    SCCM – your computer management tool

    SCCM is a computer management tool.

    In this tab, you can check the update installation status events and speed up the downloading of installation packages to your computer. This is important in cases such as when you have been away from the University network for a long time or want to speed up the introduction of updates (e.g. before an important event where you do not want to be interrupted).  

    When you click the Refresh policy button, the computer registers with the University’s SCCM server and downloads new updates.

    Software Information

    Shows which programs are installed on the computer.

    Software Update Information

    Shows the update components for specific programs.

    Membership in a group

    The listing shows which groups you belong to at the University.

    For more information about missing group rights, please contact the Helpdesk / the department’s own University Services team (Service Coordinator).

    Generate password

    With this tool, you can create a good password with the desired attributes. 

    Note the following:

    • When you copy the password, a clock will start running and the password will only be available for a limited period of time (the validity period is shown in the application). At the end of this period of time, the data will be deleted from the computer’s memory (including any password possibly copied to the clipboard).
    • So, be sure to copy / write down the password (e.g. in Notepad) if you want to use the password. The password cannot be recovered from anywhere later.

    Easy Copy application

    Tool for copying files. For example, you can copy files from your computer to a flash drive.

    Instructions for using the tool can be found in the help text that appears when you click the Help button in the program.

    Pro tip: After selecting the desired options, you can save the copy profile and then upload the saved copy profile later. In this way, you do not need to select the options every time you use the application.

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