Remote access to university services

Remote access to university services

Sometimes you may need to use the university’s internal databases, directories or certain online services from outside the university (e.g., your home directory or SAP). In that case, you need to connect to the university network. For that, you need to establish a secure (encrypted) communication channel, a so-called VPN tunnel. The university offers several options to achieve this. With a VPN client, your home directory will appear as a network drive on your computer.

In recent days, several members of the university community have reported that Google is showing them Russian-language search results. There’s no need to worry. Read more in Flamma.

User guide

Use the uh-vpn-helsinkifi-only (aka HY-TUN) connection, if you work in your home network or another trusted network: 

  •   Only necessary traffic is transferred via the university network (e.g. home directories, Efecte, SAP)  
  •   Less traffic load on the university network 

Use the uh-vpn-allroute (aka HY-VPN) connection, if you are in another network, e.g. a café or a hotel 

  •   All traffic is transferred securely through the university network 
  •   More traffic load on the university network 

Also read the following instructions: Connecting from outside university and Remote desktop.

Remote access to the services of University of Helsinki are also discussed in Student’s digital skills.

Remote desktop

The University of Helsinki uses a remote desktop (VDI environment) used with VMware client software. You can also run other programs on the remote desktop just as you would on a conventional university workstation.
Installation instructions

NB! When using a remote desktop, close other vpn connections (OpenVPN) to avoid reserving two vpn licenses.

Remote access to home directory

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