Eduroam (iPad and iPhone)

An eduroam profile is available for installation in iOS devices. When the profile has been installed, eduroam is always available automatically. The profile is an XML file that can contain different settings. Multiple profiles can be set up on iOS.

Installing eduroam

  1. Launch Safari on your iPad or iPhone. Use for example a mobile data connection.
  2. Go to
    Click eduroam user: download your eduroam installer.
  3. In the opening list, select University of Helsinki as the home organisation.
    Visitors from other universities can select their own home organisation if it is listed as a part of the eduroam network.
  4. Click Apple iOS mobile devices. Installation starts automatically. Confirm that you want to download an eduroam profile.
  5. Now the profile is downloaded and you can close the Safari. Go to Settings and there will be a notification Profile downloaded. Click it and follow instructions. 

    NB! Enter your username in the format

  6. A summary is shown on the profile installation, click Done.
  7. Click Settings -> Wi-Fi and click eduroam from the network list. The connection is formed, and eduroam is automatically used from now on.

Changing the password

You need to reinstall eduroam after changing your university password.

  1. Remove the eduroam profile from your device. Choose Settings > General > Profiles. Click the profile and choose Remove profile. Enter the access code of the device.
  2. Reinstall eduroam according to the above instructions.

You can download the eduroam settings, for example using the HelsinkiUni Guest network. Download the eduroam installation tool here:

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