Identification for the Canon multi-function printers

Canon multi-function printers require identification using an ID card.


Identification is possible with the following means:

  • Unigrafia cards
  • New Lyyra cards which have a contactless payment feature
  • HSL travel cards

Register the card

When using a new card for the first time, you will have to register the card personally using your own university username and its password.

  • Take the card to the read area.

Canon-tulostimen id-tarra

There are differences in the sensitivity of cards. For example, it is worthwhile taking the card out of the protective cover if the equipment does not otherwise identify the card.

  • Touch the User Name text field on the display.

Canonin tulostinkortin rekisteröiminen

  • Enter your username.
  • Approve the username by touching OK.

Käyttäjätunnuksen syöttäminen Canon-monitoimilaitteelle

  • Enter your password in a similar way.

Salasanan syöttäminen Canon-monitoimilaitteelle

  • Your username is now associated with the card and you can use it.

Only one card at a time may be associated with your username. If the card is lost, you can register a new card for yourself. After that, no-one can use the old card to print your jobs.

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