Using the common computer facilities

The IT center, libraries and some departments offer free computer facilities for all students. (in Flamma) The computers in these facilities require a university login, and visitor passes are not available. The computers have the most common programs installed, and also have Software Portal, allowing you to install additional software. The facilities also have printers and copier machines. Some facilities, like the ones at learning center Aleksandria also have scanners and so-called multimedia computers with a wider range of software.

    While using the facilities, you should mind your manners and let others work in peace by avoiding loud talk and respecting the staff.

    Instructions for using the common computers

    Some facilities have group spaces you can reserve, and Aleksandria also has a group area in which talking is allowed. Some premises have a computer and AV equipment.

    A so-called night use key is available for some facilities, allowing you to use the facility even outside of opening hours. Students must pay a refundable deposit for the key, and may then retrieve the key from the user account service desk in the Learning Centre Aleksandria (City center campus). The deposit will be refunded when the key is returned. Personnel may receive the key with no charge. The key is always for personal use only, and may not be used to let others into the facilities. The rules must be abided in the night use facilities.

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