X windowing with Xming

Interactive use of Unix statistics and mathematic programmes usually requires the X windowing system. With X windowing, you can establish a remote connection to a Unix computer and use your workstation as a terminal in running applications.
The Xming programme can be installed on university workstations from the Software Portal. You can download the software for your home computer at http://sourceforge.net/projects/xming/

Starting Xming

  • Launch XLaunch from the Start menu.
    Xming-ohjelman käynnistäminen
  • Select Multiple windows and click Next.
    Xming valitse Multiple windows -vaihtoehto
  • Select Start no client. Click Next.
    Xming valitse Start no client -vaihtoehto
  • Click Next.
    Xming valitse parametrit
  • Click Finish.
    Xming konfigurointi on valmis
  • The window closes and the programme starts up in the background, in the Windows notification area.  To exit the programme, right-click the icon and select Exit.
    Xming xlaunch-ilmaisinalue


    Logging in to a Linux computer

  • Start PuTTY. Make sure that Enable X11 forwarding is selected under X11.
    PuTTY-ohjelman asetukset X-ikkunointia varten
  • Connect to a Unix server, such as markka.it.helsinki.fi, under Session. Enter the name of the server in Host Name (or IP Address). Use the default values for other options.


  •  The required settings have been made. Click Open to make the connection.
  • Enter your username and press Enter. Next, the Unix computer asks for the password. Enter your Unix password in the prompt. The password is not displayed in any way in the terminal window. Press Enter.


Starting the X window application

  • Start the desired application, such as stata. Please note that not all software has been installed on all Unix computers. Stata can be found from the computer pultti.it.helsinki.fi. The graphic version of the programme
    is started with the command xstata.
    Xstata-ohjelman käynnistäminen X-ikkunaan
  • Stata opens in the X window.
    Xstata-ohjelman käynnistysikkuna

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