User account

User account

In order to carry out their studies or work, students and staff at the university require an username and a password to use the University of Helsinki IT systems. The primary account for all students is the so-called AD account, with which you log in to the university computers and the most popular online services, such as e-mail and Flamma.

Other accounts are, for example, course and conference accounts, accounts for visitors and paid user accounts. Read more about different accounts.

Logging in to university services

You can log in to nearly all university services using the standard format: rkeskiva.
eduroam credentials: (for example, OR (for example,
Office 365 credentials: (for example,

How do I get a user account?

Validity of the username

The username will be valid for a set time period. Validity periods will usually be extended automatically, but in some cases users need to regularly extend them by themselves. Usernames will expire when the employment or studying ends. A temporary absence from work or studies also means that access rights will be lost.


Student access rights are valid for a term or for the academic year, depending on attendance.
For those registered for attendance for the whole academic year or for the spring term, access rights are valid until September 30.
For those registered for attendance for the autumn term, access rights are valid until January 31.
Graduating in the middle of the semester does not end the validity of username. For example, if you graduate in October, your username will remain valid until the end of January.
Annual registration and non-attendance (in instructions for students)


Staff usernames are valid for a maximum of one and a half years at a time. For temporary staff members, the access rights validity period is linked to the duration of their employment relationship. Access rights for temporary employees will expire 28 days after the end of the employment relationship. However, access rights can still only be valid for a maximum of one and a half years at a time.

More information on the validity period of the username

Check your username information

Changing the password

You can change your password online. You must have a valid user name or have had applied for one. The method of changing the password depends on whether you remember your password or not.

What will happen when the user account expires?

The username will expire
Instructions on the effects of the user account expiration: logging in to the university's services, e-mail, copying your own files elsewhere.

Restoring an expired user account
You can restore your expired user account. Restoration is possible for a maximum of one year after the expiration of the access right.

Contact persons in user account matters

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