University online services

The University offers many services which are usable with a browser. Here are instructions for the most common ones. Please note that all services will not work perfectly on all operating systems and browsers.

NB! A VPN connection is required outside the university network. Read instructions here




All university employees are users of the SAP HR personnel system. Employees use this system to, for example, apply for annual leave and report absences.

Log in to SAP HR

Using SAP HR in Internet Explorer 11 requires using the Enterprise Mode.
Can’t you see the pop-up windows? See the instructions under SAP finances.

SAP finances

The SAP financial administration system is a tool for the administration, posting and approval of invoices. In the university’s internal network, the service can be found at:

Using SAP Talous in Internet Explorer 11 requires using the Enterprise Mode.

SAP can be used from outside the University network either by using the VPN portal or by installing the HY-VPN software on your computer.

Remote support service Bomgar

Virtual Desktop Interface (VDI) and VMware

You can use the VMware client software to contact the university’s virtual server environment (VDI) allowing you to use Oodi, for example. 

Transferring large files ("allowed Dropbox")

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