When starting your studies

Welcome to Helsinki University!

The purpose of Helsinki University IT Center's freshman page is to showcase the IT services offered by the University of Helsinki to new students, and to provide guidance in using them.


Detailed help


In order to use the IT services provided by the University of Helsinki, you must first have a username. Before receiving an account, your information must be entered in the UH student register.

You can activate the username yourself by using Finnish bank credentials or an electronic ID card.

The most convenient way to get a username is to attend the bi-annual Welcome Fair for international students. You will also receive a lot of other important information – as well as being able to get answers to any questions you may have on your mind.

You will need an official ID card (passport or ID card) upon acquiring your UH user account.

Student's digital skills

Attending the course in information technology and communications, also known as Student's digital skills, is a part of every new student's freshman year. You can take a look at the university's IT services in advance by studying the study material, available for everyone. In addition, the material provides useful information on computer use, data security and information retrieval in an easily understandable format.

Computer facilities

In the computer facilities, students may use work stations equipped with a wide range of most commonly used basic software, and may print documents within the limits of their printing quotas. Computer facilities are available at every campus. Most places have the option of connecting your own laptop computer to the university's wireless network.


The University of Helsinki is migrating to the Microsoft Office 365 mail and calendar system. The system also contains other applications supporting co-operation.

An e-mail address with the helsinki.fi extension is included with every student's username. You can read your e-mail using any e-mail software or through the browser-based Outlook WebApp (OWA) service.


Along with e-mail, WebOodi is probably the most important tool of every student. Through WebOodi you can plan your studies, order a summary of your studies and sign in for the coming semester. Most faculties also handle registering for courses and tests entirely through the Oodi system.

Software distribution

The IT center has acquired extended licences for many software suites in use at the university, also covering use on the students' own computers. The programs intended for home use may be downloaded through software distribution. The software is only intended for use by the staff and students of the University of Helsinki. Passing these programs or parts of them to people outside of the University of Helsinki is strictly forbidden!

HY-VPN and remote use of databases

Some services intended for students, such as e-papers and article databases are only available when used on a computer connected to the university network. It is also possible to utilize these services from home by connecting your computer to the university network using the VPN software. All you need is a connection to the internet and a university username.

  • For more information on the University of Helsinki's e-resources and using them can be found in the Student's digital skills study materials, in the section on information retrieval.

Using the home directory from your home

Your own home directory and home page directory, included in the username, can also be used from your home computer by using the VPN portal. The portal allows you to transfer files between your home directory on the university network and your home computer.

Other useful information

Help available

The IT center offers several kinds of IT support to the students and staff. You can contact Helpdesk through chat, phone or e-mail. For more information on Helpdesk services and how to reach them, see the contact page of the instructions site.

Instructions, guides and self help tools for the most common IT related problems have been collected to the instructions site. The site's instructions allow you to sort out problems by yourself in most cases.